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Yoga Classes at the Coast

Latest News and Class Updates

It has been lovely to hold classes at home over the last few years but its time to move on to somewhere that will 

give us a  little more space and open the class up to a few more students.  I am delighted to have found a beautiful studio space that is very nearby and will allow me to teach around 10 students, so still very personal but a few more than I have been able to accommodate at home. From 4th April the Thursday 9.30am class will be moving to Cove Lifestyle Studio on Front Street, Tynemouth. More information to follow

"Liz is a great yoga teacher, she always makes you feel at home in her class. Liz takes time to make sure you’re holding the poses correctly and adopting the right breathing techniques. She is welcoming of all abilities and is always thinking creatively of ways to improve her next class which keeps it varied. I’ve definitely improved over the years I’ve been going to her class. Yoga on the beach is an absolute joy too – what better way to way to practise than to take in the view and listen to the waves."


"I started Liz’s yoga classes as an escape from busy city living, however I did not expect yoga to literally change my life! Liz is a fantastic teacher, she takes time to get to know everyone in the class and really encourages everyone individually, there is a really calm and relaxed feeling during the sessions and I always leave feeling refreshed. Liz is always really warm and welcoming I hope to be attending her yoga classes for many more years to come!"


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