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A regular weekly yoga class is great, but there are times when it is really beneficial to spend more time on a practice, and with fellow yogis. I am delighted to welcome the lovely Donna Southwell to the North East this July to share her experience and love of Asthanga Yoga.

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The Inspirational Donna Southwell joins us for a Friday workshop and Saturday Mysore or Led Class

Donna will share her experience of love of Ashtanga Yoga with a Friday night worskhop and a Mysore or led Saturday morning class.  Classes can be booked together or individually.

‘I have come from a very traditional background and been taught in the traditional level but want to make sure that ashtanga is accessible to everyone whatever their stage of life, everybody has different needs and goals and these change as we get older.  Ashtanga should be there to support students at all these different points. My aim is to help people gain a deeper understanding of the practice and through that a deeper understanding of themselves and find a way for the practice to work for them so that this becomes a practice for life.’   Donna Southwell



In addition to workshops I also offer an extended class once every month or so called ‘The Yoga Breakfast’.  This is a longer class than usual where we follow an Asthanga Primary Series practice, sometimes the full series and other times a shortened sequence with a focus and a few variations.  This is followed by a sit down breakfast of homemade muesli and bakes, fruit, yoghurt, teas and coffee.  We usually start at 9.30am and finish around 12.  It’s a lovely social event and very popular. Click on the link below for upcoming dates.



A regular weekly yoga class is great, but there are times when it is really beneficial to spend more time on a practice. In a workshop we have that time to break postures down, work on specific body areas or on a completely different aspect or type of practice. As an SYT, many of my workshops are aimed at helping both students and teachers alike. Over the last couple of years I've also collaborated with guest teachers, including Nichi Green (founder of The Yoga Space Leeds) and Mary Powell (Level 2 authorised KPJAYI teacher).

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